We Feed the World is coordinated by The Gaia Foundation and brings together an international team of farmers, award-winning photographers, NGOs, the food sovereignty movement and ethical businesses in celebration of small-scale farming and agro-ecology. This is about people, not production lines; farms not factories; agri-culture, not agri-business. This is about a fair and just farming system that regenerates the Earth and does not cost the planet.

For the last three years, We Feed the World has captured the triumphs and challenges of 50 communities around the world. These extraordinary images and their incredible stories aim to forge a new and positive narrative about the farmers who really feed the world and demonstrate how small-scale farming not only provides the majority of the world’s food but also offers solutions to many other planetary crises. From climate disruption, mass extinction of species, the pollution of our waterways and oceans to the diminishing health and wellbeing of our communities.

We are working with each community to help share the resilient stories of farmers from around the world, and to use these images and stories to advocate for for lasting and meaningful change in their locality. You can help us to keep our work with these communities going by donating to We Feed the World here or by buying an exclusive photographic print from the exhibition. Click here to see a gallery of selected images, or for further images and the stories from each of the individual shoots, click here.

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09 Oct 2018 -

09 Oct 2019
Isles of Uist

Naturaleza Viva Farm, Argentina taken by Jordi Ruiz Cirera

From icy fishing waters of Northern Sweden to the jungles of the Colombian Amazon, We Feed the World showcases the diversity, resilience and success of the men and women who produce the majority of the worlds food and helps us to understand of the critical importance of supporting a food system led by small-scale farmers, not by corporations.

Sa Torre de’s Xebelins Community, Ibiza taken by Laura Hynd

“We Feed the World brings together an unprecedented number of world-renowned photographers, whose unique images will enlighten, inspire and motivate anyone who sees them. I hope people will leave the exhibition contemplating where their food comes from and the impact it has on the world around us."

Cheryl Newman, Curator

What people are saying about us

"Agriculture is the one of the most creative acts that human beings can be engaged in. And the fact that the creativity of the photographers and the creativity of the small farmers has come together in this exhibition makes for a very powerful story.”

- Vandana Shiva, Activist and Academic