We Feed the World is brought to you by The Gaia Foundation (Gaia) in collaboration with Cheryl Newman and a wonderful network of global partners and allies to support the farmers and the land that feeds us.

Gaia has worked with local partners in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe for over 30 years, supporting communities to secure land, seed, food and water sovereignty.We Feed the World has presented an opportunity for the Gaia team to connect with small-holder farmers across 6 continents and to share inspiring stories of regenerative agriculture between these communities, building solidarity and a shared sense of possibility for change.

Three years in the making, We Feed the World has seen countless numbers of volunteers, partners and organizations involved throughout the journey. We thank you all for your hard work, time and commitment to celebrating the farmers who feed us all.

Meet the team behind We Feed the World below…

    Francesca Price

    Francesca is the Director of the We Feed the World project. As a former journalist, she wanted to create a project that would engage a global, mainstream audience with the critical issues facing our food system and challenge them to consider their role in its future. Joining the Gaia Foundation in 2016, she has worked with their dedicated team and many others, across a range of sectors, to bring the project to launch. Prior to We Feed the World worked she worked as a journalist, presenter and producer for the BBC, magazines and newspapers such as The Guardian and The Times.


    Cheryl Newman

    Cheryl Newman is an artist and independent curator of photography living in London. For more than fifteen years she was the Photography Director of the award winning Telegraph Magazine. She serves as a jury member for photographic awards globally and  is a nominator for the Deutsche Borse Photography prize. She is a visiting lecturer at the Bilder Nordic School in Oslo and lectures at several UK universities. Cheryl is the chair of the prestigious Royal Photographic Society Awards. For the past three years she has been working closely with the Gaia Foundation to commission and curate the We Feed the World exhibition.

    Rowan Phillimore

    Rowan is Deputy Director of The Gaia Foundation and has ten years experience working on international communications initiatives with a range of global partners. She was instrumental in Gaia’s Seeds of Freedom film trilogy which told the story of the corporate takeover of seed, with narrations by actor Jeremy Irons and Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow. Rowan also works closely on Gaia’s UK Seed Sovereignty Programme, which is seeking to increase the amount of organic seed produced in the UK and Ireland.

    Tom Takezoe

    Tom is a writer, researcher and project assistant for We Feed the World. He has helped set up photoshoots, coordinating with farmers all over the world and writing their stories. As a grower himself on market gardens in West Dorset, he wants to help people engage with the issues around food and encourage people to think about what kind of food system they support. A graduate of the University of Sussex, he has lived and worked in Mexico, Chile and France and is an enthusiastic linguist. He joined The Gaia Foundation in 2016.


    Georgie Styles

    Georgie is Coordinator and Events Programmer for We Feed the World. Having recently graduated from her masters in the Anthropology of Food and with an interest in ethnographic film and photography, she was drawn to the project’s creative approach in telling the resilient stories of farming communities across the world. Outside of her work with The Gaia Foundation, Georgie works to bring an anthropological lens to a number of food-related projects surrounding social and ecological injustice.

    Iara Monaco

    Iara is the project’s principle graphic designer. Since studying Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins (UAL), her ambition is to bridge the gap between art and community development by sharing vulnerable communities’ strengths, power and culture. On We Feed the World, Iara has combined her design skills with her passion for community development and through her beautiful imagery she has helped raise the voices of farmers around the world.




    Alice Phillimore

    Passionate about the visual arts, Alice has been working with the team on the promotion of the exhibition. As an art consultant, Alice sources and curates art for galleries, home and work spaces, and has been organising and promoting artists for over a decade. Alice studied History of Art at Nottingham University and has an MA in Arts Policy and Management from Birkbeck, University of London.

    Rachel Karniely

    Rachel’s primary role is leading the digital communications for We Feed the World. A graduate in History of Art and French Studies, she has a background in the arts, foreign languages and culture. Her love of photography and local food drew her to We Feed the World’s unique meeting of both the art and food justice worlds. Rachel has managed the project’s online presence, working alongside Greenhouse PR and co-ordinating with our partners to help spread We Feed the World’s message to a wider audience.

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